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               TURBIDITY IN WHISKEY –


               By: Hans Peter Discher, (B.Sc.), Product Manager Filter Media
               Eaton Technologies GmbH, Langenlonsheim, Germany •

                W        hiskeys, i.e. distillates from grain mash-  whiskey (Scotland), Irish whiskey (Ireland), and
                                                                    bourbon (USA, Canada). Three factors are respon-
                         es, are among the spirits that have long
                         enjoyed enormous popularity and been a
                                                                    the production process, and barrel aging. However,
                         continuous consumer favorite. In the peri-  sible for their different aromas: the raw materials,
               od from 2010 to 2015, whiskey suppliers increased    what these whiskey types have in common is the
               sales by $2.7 billion US dollars worldwide. This     decision as to whether the last production step is
               significant growth represents 12.3 million additional  filtration.
               6-liter cases [147.6 million additional bottles (0.75
               l)] sold during that time.                                  The Importance of Filtration in
                                                                                 Whiskey Production
                 Their country of origin distinguishes types of
               whiskey. The most important producers of “brown        After mashing the grains, the flavorings are fer-
               spirits” after Scotland and Ireland are primarily the   mented with yeasts and then distilled. The final
               United States and Canada. The undisputed market      process steps prior to filling take place after the
               leader is scotch (Scotland), followed closely by malt   whiskey has been allowed to age for at least three

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