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Craft Beverage

               Bridge and Tunnel Brewery’s

               Hyperlocal Marketing  By: Rachelle Nones

                R       ich Castagna, brewer and proprietor of the   that question so many times that he decided to post

                        Bridge and Tunnel Brewery and Taproom,  the philosophy behind his naming decision on the
                        in Ridgewood, Queens, tapped into a         brewery’s website: “Bridge and Tunnel Brewery—
               nostalgic mother lode when he selected Bridge and    because it’s the bridges and tunnels that unite this
               Tunnel as his brewery’s name. During the late 80s    city, not divide it.“
               and 90s, the phrase “bridge and tunnel” was often
               used to describe the residents of Queens, Brooklyn,                   Growing Pains
               the Bronx, and Long Island, because a train or tun-
               nel was required to access Manhattan from those        When Castagna operated a brewery out of his
               outlying regions. Nightclub patrons understood       garage, the setup worked well while the brewery
               that affluent and fashionable Manhattan residents    remained in its nano stage. But when it morphed
               drew a discerning line in the sand that ended where   into a mirco brewery, Castagna started scouting
               New York City’s outer boroughs began. If you         out a larger operating space in Western Queens, an
               used a train or tunnel to enter Manhattan, the odds   area flush with new breweries: Finback Brewery,
               of brushing past the bouncer guarding the door of    Rockaway Brewing Company, Big Alice Brewing,
               an exclusive nightclub or bar was equivalent to the   Transmitter Brewing, Queens Brewery and the LIC
               odds of getting struck by lightning.                 Beer Project.

                 Since names are such an important element of          “A few years ago, Queens was the first borough
               branding, why did Castagna name his brewery after    to begin launching craft beer breweries and it
               an expression that was once viewed as a way to ste-  put Queens on the map for craft beer enthusiasts.
               reotype and divide people? Castagna has been asked  Queens breweries have a lot of pride in represent-
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