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Craft Beverage

               ing the borough and New York City in general. We     keting challenge currently seems to be a shift away
               throw our own Queens Beer Week each year in the      from the concept of supporting your local producers
               spring, which also serves to pull us together.”      toward either flashy label designs or the status of
                                                                    being the newest brewery or producing the rarest
                 The Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is presently locat-  or quirkiest beer. It’s a shift that I suspect is not the
               ed in a heavily industrial area housing warehouses   norm in other parts of the United States where craft
               and car repair shops. Situated on a gritty urban     beer has grown strong roots from its early introduc-
               block, its low profile exterior reminds one of the   tion back in the 80s.”
               trendy 80s nightclubs that were discretely tucked
               away inside unmarked, shabby exteriors located         At the present time, the brewery’s main distribu-
               along New York’s Lower East Side.                    tion is in the “bridge and tunnel” neighborhoods of
                                                                    Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Bushwick,
                 To fund the brewery’s expansion, Castagna          Williamsburg, and Greenpoint. To date, the Bridge
               launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising   and Tunnel brand can also be purchased at three
               $16,682 from 146 backers. The campaign posted        Manhattan locations: Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East
               more than 12 different pledge levels, ranging from   Village, and at Malt and Mold and Eastwood, both of
               $5 to $5,000, and a diverse range of pledge rewards.  which are located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
               “We had everything from stickers on the low end—
               to a Mug Club membership— to a full swag pack-         “Breweries in other cities with deeper craft beer
               age.”                                                roots can focus on the basics.  Whereas here, I feel
                                                                    New York City breweries have the extra task of
                      Shifting Into Marketing Mode                  educating and acting as a gateway to the craft beer
                                                                    world—starting right in our own neighborhoods. We
                 As the craft beer marketplace expands in New       have to make that extra effort, which was the same
               York City, there has been a significant change in the  effort breweries in other states were making 20 years
               way beer is marketed. Castagna noted: “The mar-      ago.”

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