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                        Crafting a Local Narrative                  Ale) to brew ale? Maspeth was named after the
                                                                    Mespeatches Indian tribe, a tribe that settled on
                 So, how does Castagna market an edgy brewery       the high ground of what is presently Mount Zion
               and taproom in a high rent city while operating on   Cemetery.
               a tight budget? One of the most endearing ways
               the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery differentiates itself     Again and again, the uniquely local story behind
               is with its colorful hyperlocal beer names. Local    every beer’s name effectively reinforces the brew-
               lore, customs, and colorful neighbors and events     ery’s hyperlocal branding. Here, is a summation of
               have all inspired the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery’s    the uniquely local stories behind more names in the
               beer names. For example, the name Junior’s Clean     Bridge and Tunnel Brewery’s product line:
               Glasses Irish Red Ale was inspired by the antics of
               Coffey, the owner of an Irish bar named Coffey’s     •  Angry Amel Dunkelweizen—inspired by
               Corner, once located in Astoria, Queens. A funeral      Castagna’s childhood memories of angry Amel,
               home and a church were located a short distance         a hostile and obsessively neat neighbor who
               from the bar. Coffey’s nephew Francis, who often        threatened violence whenever Castagna and his
               helped out behind the bar, quickly learned that his     childhood friends accidently hit a rubber ball
               uncle spied on the funeral home to determine if a       behind Amel’s well-trimmed hedges.
               wake was being held. When his uncle noted that the  •  Red Bird Express Belgian Red IPA—This
               funeral home was filling up, he’d turn to Francis       reddish hued beer is named after the handsome
               and say “Junior—make sure all of the glasses are        Red Bird 7 train that once charged down the ele-
               clean. Tonight’s gonna be a busy night.”                vated tracks of adjacent Queens neighborhoods.
                                                                       In loving memory of the Red Bird’s daily pas-
                 Did you know that cattle were once herded down
               the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn (Slaughter          sage through the most diverse neighborhoods in
               House Stampede Black Rye IPA) or that Dutch             America, Castagna incorporated the Red Bird
               settlers living in Maspeth, Queens, used birch, sas-    7 Train as a major element in the Bridge and
               safras, Cluster hops, and spruce (1642 Mespeatches      Tunnel Brewery’s logo.
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