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Craft Beverage

               •  Pickin’ Up The Change Chipotle Porter—
                  inspired by a New York City 80’s dance move                        Dry Bottles
                  associated with the legendary New York
                  Hardcore (NYHC) music movement represented                             anD Cans
                  by hardcore bands such as the Mob.

               •  Bone Orchard Vanilla Porter—inspired by the
                                                                       Dry Bottles prior
                  29 cemeteries established along the “Cemetery        to CoDing, laBeling,
                  Belt” in Queens. On the brewery’s website,           anD paCkaging
                  Castagna discusses intriguing local folklore,
                                                                       low maintenanCe
                  trivia, and startling facts about cemeteries in      DireCt Drive
                  Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Robots,             Blowers
                  Mugs, and Other Marketing Moves

                 When I visited the Bridge and Tunnel brewery,
               Castagna was busily preparing the brewery’s modest
               taproom for the Rock’em, Sock’em Fighting Robots
               Boxing Event taking place that evening. During the
               event, registered patrons are paired with robots at
               separate game stations to box it out from one round
               to another until two contenders remain to battle for
               the title. The winner receives bragging rights and
               use of the brewery’s coveted championship belt
                                                                                air Blast inC.
               whenever he or she visits the taproom.
                 In addition to holding special promotional events       alhamBra, Ca • maDe in the usa
               like the Rock’em Sock’em Fighting Robots Boxing          866-424-7252 • sales@airBlastinC.Com
               Tournament, the brewery also promotes an annual
               membership program called Mug Club. Enrollment
               benefits include: a personal beer mug stored at the
               taproom, a Mug Club tee, exclusive early access to       AT FIRST GLANCE
               limited releases, discounted brewery merchandise, a
               celebratory birthday mug of beer, and invitation-on-     The draft beer experience
               ly access to entertaining Mug Club parties and own-      begins at the bar.
               er-guided brewery tours.

                 “We welcome our local patrons like friends and
               they become friends and the same goes for our
               wholesale accounts. We work hard for them and
               they recognize it. But every now and then, one of
               our patrons will say something along the lines of
               ‘but if too many people start coming, then this place
               will change. You won’t be a cool underground
               brewery anymore.’ I’ll usually point out that being
               underground doesn’t help pay the bills, followed by
               pointing out all the stuff that we built in the brew-
               ery—soup to nuts. We built it and continue to build
               it. We grow organically with our community. We
               are a part of it and seek the best for it.”

                 To learn more about the Bridge and Tunnel
               Brewery, watch the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery
               on Decatur Street, a documentary short by Raul                      Drafting Solutions from Keg to Glass.
               Hernandez: YouTube:
               VBzZfPJoA                                                 (866) 327-4159 /

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