Use This Idea to Save on Taxes

No one likes paying too much in taxes. In this post we’ll review an idea to use an outside service to reduce one of your tax obligations: the dreaded, and ever-increasing property tax.

Property tax is calculated by multiplying the tax rate by the assessed value of the property – land and buildings. For breweries, this can be a sizable expense.

Both the property tax rate and the assessed value change on a regular basis. Some years the rate goes up and the assessment goes down. In other years it’s just the opposite – the rate goes down and the assessment goes up.

The one thing that doesn’t change is that the total tax bill always goes up.

The process to assess the value of a property is subjective at best. Assessors will use comparable property sales and other metrics to gauge value, but rarely are two properties alike. Therefore, the value assigned to our properties is an approximation, an estimate, a best guess.

So, why not hire your own consultant to make a better estimate?

That’s what we did and the result was a savings of $20,000 per year on our tax bill.

The firm of DuCharme, McMillen and Associates guided us through the process, took up very little of our time, and saved us a lot of money in taxes.

DMA performs Assessment Reviews to identify opportunities for reducing real and personal property tax assessments. DMA’s comprehensive review is customized to your specific needs, and we focus on reducing both current and past assessments.

Our property tax professionals will review your entire portfolio of properties or individual properties of concern to you. Both real and personal property tax assessments are scrutinized to determine the accuracy of the data used by the taxing authority, valuation issues, state-specific treatment of property, and overlooked exemptions.

We communicate the results of each property’s review and, with your approval, take all necessary steps to implement the assessment reduction strategies available, including refund recovery. DMA’s property tax professionals have generated billions of dollars in real and personal property tax savings for our clients, many of which pertain to the beverage and bottling industry. We are leaders in identifying industry-specific issues having an impact on value.

Our property tax professionals have reviewed thousands of assessments in nearly every jurisdiction. DMA’s national scope and jurisdictional expertise means our clients realize the maximum benefit available.

If you’re interested in following in our footsteps, reach out to the folks at DMA. There are other firms that do similar work, but we had a good experience with these guys.

No one likes paying too much in taxes. Check out this idea and reduce property taxes in your beer business today.

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