The Right Tools Make All the Difference

By: Cheryl Gray

The right tools, technology and know-how go a long way in protecting the integrity of beer and spirits. In fact, they make the difference between a great product and a mediocre one.

  Many breweries and distilleries now rely upon state-of-the-art tools to protect the integrity of their products. Companies that manufacture items for production lines of every size provide industrial equipment, such as pumps to transfer liquids and testing equipment to gauge important components, such as temperature. 

  One of the industry leaders is Milwaukee Instruments, specializing in precise digital analysis for industries including breweries, wineries, hydroponics and greenhouse growers, laboratories, aquariums and education. The company has a global presence, with products designed with ease of use and accuracy in mind. It makes everything from simple pens to more advanced testers, monitors and controllers. The products, made in Europe, have multiple applications to help customers manage critical parameters, such as pH, conductivity, salinity, BRIX and temperature.

  Carl Silvaggio is the president of Milwaukee Instruments. With nearly 40 years of broad-based experience in the industry of scientific instruments, Silvaggio has been part of virtually every facet of this manufacturing sector, including research and development, warehousing, sales and customer service. He walks us through the process from the moment his company makes contact with a client.

“Milwaukee Instruments is a customer-centric company that focuses on the customer’s needs. From the moment of contact, we ensure the information and service the customer receives is accurate, complete, expeditious and fits the application at question. Our product line is designed and tailored to provide the customer with a choice of features and benefits that fit the application and offer competitive price points for the features and benefits that the customer needs. We do not oversell what the customer does not need.”

  Silvaggio adds that his company’s wide range of products allows customers multiple options in transitioning from antiquated testing to more advanced choices.

  “We’ve made it possible for hundreds of thousands of professionals, enthusiasts and beginners around the world move from difficult and inaccurate visual testing to accurate and precise digital analysis.”

  Some of those products include the Milwaukee digital BRIX refractometer, which comes in different versions but all feature user-friendly functions and make precision measuring a priority. Case in point: The Milwaukee digital BRIX refractometer is temperature compensated with a zero to 85 percent BRIX range and plus/minus 0.2 percent accuracy. Ease of use is achieved with simple, two-button operation, followed by a lightning-fast response time of under two seconds. The low maintenance design of a steel glass prism and stainless steel wall makes cleanup simple.

  Milwaukee Instruments also offers a wide range of pH and temperature testers, such as the Milwaukee Waterproof pH55 PRO. This version is one of several used by the company’s brewery clients as a cost-effective, accurate tool to calculate the pH and temperature of the beer. The tester features dual-level LCD readouts, easy-to-replace probes and extended pH ranges to meet the applications required for a brewery. The tester has simple one or two-point automatic calibration and two sets of memorized buffers from which to choose. And, of course, it is fully waterproof to IP65.

  FLUX Pumps, a Georgia-based company, is a global leader in the arena of flow technology, and it creates pumps for breweries, distilleries and other industries. For more than 70 years, the company’s innovations have drawn upon the invention of the first electric drum pump responsible for FLUX Pumps being established.

  Glenn Mulligan, president of FLUX Pumps, says new products are in store for 2023.

  “In 2023, we will be releasing our new VISCOPOWER product line,” Mulligan said. “These pumps will replace our existing F550 and F560 pump models. The new pump design is much easier

to dismantle and assemble, which reduces cleaning time and maintenance time while simplifying the pump design. VISCOPOWER pumps will also be built from a modular configuration that allows for streamlined spare parts, while still offering a pump design that can be customized to a degree for each customer application. VISCPOWER products will continue to stand the test of time in durability and product quality, both of which are customary to FLUX products.

  Other products for FLUX in 2023 are standardized offerings of flow meters and control panels that can turn your standard drum or tote pump into a one-touch batching/metering system. Too often, companies rely on operators to dispense just the right amount of product for their needs. By adding just a few components to the pump, we are able to give customers accurate, repeatable dosing, which will save time and money and prevent mistakes. We have also partnered with a company so that FLUX can also provide high-quality drum and tote mixers/agitators for customer needs. This gives our customers the ability and peace of mind to buy everything they need for moving fluids from drums and totes from a single source.”

  The Yamada Corporation, which touts itself as an industry leader in pneumatic pumping technology, is headquartered in Tokyo and has been in business since 1905. It has facilities in the Netherlands, Shanghai and the United States. The stateside facility is a 40,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art complex in Illinois known as Yamada America, Inc., equipped to provide service and support for a full array of Yamada industrial pumps and parts for the company’s clients throughout the Western Hemisphere. 

  Yamada offers diaphragm metal and plastic pumps. Its metal pumps are best used for waste yeast, sump and general wastewater. Its plastic pumps are used for CIP chemicals, wastewater treatment chemicals and also general wastewater. The pumps are used in liquid transfers, including liquid hops, liquid sugars, bottling, keg-filling and hops slurry.

  Specific tools and industrial equipment promote safety in the production and quality of the product for breweries and distilleries. Knowing what to consider in selecting these products comes with choosing the right company that can guide the process from purchase to customer support.

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