Contributing Writers

Stuart Laidlaw
Stuart Laidlaw is a Bar Manager at OddBird Niagara. He is a dedicated student of craft beer, wine, spirits and mixed drinks. Before he discovered his passion for delicious drinks, Stuart had a background in English Literature and publishing.
Chris Mulvaney
CMDS Marketing Agency
Chris Mulvaney is a business developer, entrepreneur, and an award-winning creative marketing strategist. His extensive professional background includes working with some of the world's leading brands - and personally helping clients refine their corporate vision and generate the kind of eye-popping results that too many companies only dream about.
Suzanne Henricksen
Suzanne Henricksen is the founder of The Crafty Cask, a media & consulting company that works solely with craft alcohol producers to refine/tell their story and improve their marketing efforts to grow brands and categories. She has a background in consumer marketing and a passion for craft alcohol education and exploration.
Briana Tomkinson
Canadian correspondent Briana Tomkinson is a Montreal-based freelance writer and editor, singer-songwriter and craft beverage fan. In addition to writing about the craft beverage industry, she also writes news and features on real estate, parenting/family, and travel.
Adrienne Roman
Adrienne Roman is a Canadian writer, editor, and producer from Toronto, Ontario. She now lives close to the lush vineyards of Ontario’s historic Niagara-on-the-Lake, and covers a number of diverse subjects for businesses and media outlets, including food and drink, lifestyle, travel, education and parenting, health and holistic living, and arts and entertainment. Visit her website at
Donald Snyder
Donald Snyder Founder and President of Whiskey Resources LLC and Whiskey Systems Online Donald has 12+ years of experience in the alcohol and beverage industry including holding senior management roles at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY and MGPI in Lawrenceburg, IN. After leaving the corporate world to help the growing craft distilling industry, Donald created Whiskey Systems Online to help craft distilleries of all sizes create start up business models and road maps, barrel warehouse management interfaces, simple to use automated distillery operations tracking tools, automated TTB Monthly Reporting and Compliance systems, and business management solutions. Donald earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University and his Master’s in Business Administration from University of Kentucky and has taught several lectures on various craft distilling subjects.
Fawn Ward
Fawn Ward is a writer, editor, bartender and beer scholar based in Seattle, Wash. She writes mainly for the craft beverage community, focusing on brewing techniques, ingredients, business concepts, style history and industry sustainability. She holds a degree in English from Reed College in Portland, Ore. and a certificate in the Business of Craft Brewing from Portland State University. Visit her blog at
Brandon Scripps
Brandon Scripps is the Senior Audit Manager and craft beer and wine specialist at Sensiba San Filippo. If you want to learn more about how your brewery can start saving cash, contact Brandon at 408.286.7780 or at
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson is a Senior Director on the Baker Tilly’s National Craft Beverage Team. A 21 year veteran of the beer business, his experience is extensive across all 3 tiers of the beverage industry. His interaction with distributor sales teams on sales targets, gap analyses and action plans to improve sales execution is crucial in market expansion for breweries, distilleries, wineries, cideries and RTD beverage companies. He has developed many trade marketing programs implemented across multiple sales channels and distributor territories. Andy continues to consult clients in other crucial business categories including revenue management/pricing, service strategy, media, procurement, and key account management to benefit craft beverage companies investigating critical business decisions in their home market and abroad.
Gloria Atika
Gloria Atika leads Baker Tilly’s Craft Beverage Technology practice. In this role, she leads financial and IT projects to streamline operations and reporting for beverage companies, including providing diagnostic reviews and recommendations for financial operations, developing bench-marking studies and creating training manuals and management dashboards. She also has expertise in helping breweries implement and utilize data from brewery-specific software packages. Prior to joining Baker Tilly, Gloria worked as an SAP Consultant for Accenture.
Jim Phelps
Jim Phelps is the owner of Capital Equipment Leasing. He and his staff serve clients throughout the continental United States. Clients choose their vendors, choose their equipment, make their best deals, and take advantage of the benefits equipment leasing allows. You can reach him at 503-890-0969, or download an application at
Dan Minutillo
Dan Minutillo has practiced law in Silicon Valley since 1977. The Firm’s practice is limited to regulatory law, government contract law, and international trade law matters. Dan has received the prestigious “Silicon Valley Service Provider of the Year” award as voted by the most influential attorneys in Silicon Valley. The Firm has worked on the massive US Government SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project as well as FOEKE (worldwide nuclear plant design certification), the Olympic Games, the first Obama town hall worldwide webinar, among other leading global projects. Dan serves as an expert witness in United States Federal Court regarding his area of expertise. Dan has lectured to the World Trade Association, has taught law for UCLA, Santa Clara University Law School and their MBA program, and has lectured to the NPMA at Stanford University. Dan has lectured to various National and regional attorney associations about Government contract and international law matters. Dan has provided input to the US Government regarding the structure of regulations. He has been interviewed by reporters for the Washington Post and other newspapers. Contact Dan at: or
Robin Dohrn-Simpson
Robin Dohrn-Simpson is a San Diego-based wine, beer, food and travel writer. She suffers from an extreme case of wanderlust. She’s traveled the world in search of a good taco, pasta, wine or ice-cold beer. When not sitting at her desk she can usually be found exploring a wine region somewhere in the world. Robin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and a Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine at San Diego State University. She enjoys teaching Tai Chi Chih and Yoga in her spare time. Robin is a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association. To see where she is currently exploring check out her website at:
Maggie Campbell
Maggie Campbell DipWSET is Head Distiller of Privateer Rum. She is also the North American representative for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) International Alumni Advisory Board, founder of the Denver Brewer’s League and serves on the Board of the Directors of the American Craft Spirit Association.
Alyssa Ochs
Alyssa is a New Mexico-based freelance writer and craft beverage enthusiast who has a background in political science and law. For over three years, she traveled full-time in an RV with her husband and dog while getting to know lots of amazing local breweries, wineries, and distilleries across America. In addition to writing for The Grapevine and Beverage Master, Alyssa also writes professionally about philanthropy, health, travel, and the environment.
Kris Bohm
Distillery Now, LLC
Kris Bohm is an award winning distiller who has designed, built and managed multiple distilleries throughout the United States. Distilling whiskey is what Kris is passionate about. Whether it is making barrels of bourbon on a continuous column still or mashing and distilling small batch American single malt, Kris loves the challenges of making award winning whiskey. Distillery Now LLC is a distillery consulting firm run by Kris that helps new and existing distilleries.