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Craft Brewery

               BENT BREWSTILLERY:

               Innovation on Tap  By: Nan McCreary
                B       artley Blume may work twice as hard         sumption to a true appreciation of craft beverages,

                        to produce both beers and spirits in
                                                                    to sip and not swill.”
                        Minnesota’s first combination brew-
                        ery-distillery, but he also enjoys twice      As the brewstillery’s name “Bent” implies, beers
               the opportunity to roll out new products that        and spirits are “bent” and not made strictly to
               come from his ever-creative brain. They include a    style. “This sometimes comes from combining the
               hoppy IPA without bitterness and a whiskey aged in  best parts of two different styles,” Blume said, “and
               American white oak and finished on toasted pimen-    sometimes from just making something I think my
               to wood to complement the spice of the grain.        friends and family will like.”

                 “When I opened the brewstillery, I wanted to         Judging by the brewstillery’s success, not to men-
               bring more diverse beverages to the market, so       tion its multiple awards, innovation-on-tap has
               we were not always drinking the same old pale        been a big hit with consumers. Clearly, this is the
               ales, IPAs and sours,” Blume told Beverage Master    place to go when you want to try something dis-
               Magazine. “We wanted to get away from mass con-      tinctive.

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