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Craft Beverage

                                                                    ufactures pumps for breweries, distilleries, meade-
                 What Moves Your Craft?                             ries, kombucha, soy sauce manufacturers, honey
                                                                    producers and various cannabis-related businesses.
                Waukesha Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Pumps  Their many years creating and tweaking pumps for
                Gentle, Efficient, Carlsen Quality                  multiple industries makes them uniquely qualified
                                                                    in recommending the right pump for a business’s

                                                                      “We recommend a double diaphragm air pump
                                                                    with grounding tag for distilleries,” said Battersby.
                                                                    “With distilleries and high proof alcohol, you
                                                                    first and foremost need explosion-proof pumps.
                                                                    Compressed air powered pumps easily deliver
                                                                    the necessary amount of power for distilleries,
                Waukesha 2085/10    Yamada NDP40    Waukesha 30     and they’re perfectly fine for fluids, but if the dis-
                   Centrifugal Pump  Air Pump   Positive Displacement Pump
                                                                    tiller uses any botanicals, the pumps need to be
                                                                    screened off. You can safely use electrical-based
                                                                    pumps too, but they have to be rated explo-
                                                                    sion-proof, which sometimes makes them quite
                                                                    costly for what is really needed.”

                    1439 Grove Street • Healdsburg, CA 95448
                                                                      “With breweries, you’re talking about moving
                         Contact Us Today!                          wort and heavier fluids with temperatures up to
                         707-431-2000                               210 degrees, so you’ll likely be looking at positive
                                                                    displacement pumps. Ours are Waukesha pumps,
                 WWW.CARLSENASSOCIATES.COM                          using winged rotors resembling ice cream scoops
                                                                    that spin around, scoop the optimal amount of
                                                                    product, and move it along without causing any
                                                                    crush or damage. They have capabilities of pumping
                                                                    as little as 30 gallons per minute up to 130 gallons a
                                                                    minute using one to three-inch lines.”

                                                                      Brewery systems and structures are more rigid
                                                                    and fixed, so the pumps tend to reflect that and
                                                                    perform better as a fixed system as well. Battersby
                                                                    told Beverage Master Magazine many brewers
                                                                    favor smaller centrifuge pumps that fit into these
                                                                    systems. In contrast, wineries will make better use
                                                                    of portable pumps that are on carts so they can
                                                                    move them around the different areas of the win-
                                                                    ery where needed.

                                                                      As far as new technology on the forefront,
                                                                    Battersby said hybrid pumps made by combining
                                                                    air and impeller pumps are currently being manu-
                                                                    factured, but he doesn’t feel they will significantly
                                                                    change the industry. The real trend, according to
                                                                    Battersby, is what he calls “right-sizing.”

                                                                      “You can’t really get away from the tried and true
                                                                    technology,” says Battersby. “Business owners
                                                                    tend to go with whatever will give them the least
                                                                    amount of downtime. Many newer brewers don’t

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