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Craft Beverage

               possess the type of physics background that allows   tilleries across the U.S. Hail recommends a few
               them to know the best ways of moving liquids.        options for spirits production.
               They tend to think that more horsepower is always
               better, but that’s not true. It’s better to match your    “If you try to use a centrifugal pump with corn
               specific needs. So the new trend, as far as we are   mash, the lifespan of that pump is probably going
               concerned, is right-sizing. We match the equipment  to be less than a year,” said Hail. “When moving
               up to whatever it is that you need to move.          corn mash, you have better options available. A
                                                                    double diaphragm air pump will work, but it will
                 We educate brewers and distillers in the physics   take a lot of air and a minimum of 1 ½  diameter
               behind what they are trying to do, and why one       connecting hoses. The pump is cheap, but the
               piece of equipment is preferred over another, even   big expense—sometimes an additional $2,000-
               if it’s not the most powerful. Additionally, we stress  $3,000—comes with the need for a larger air com-
               that the pumps are only as good as the hoses,        pressor. A flex impeller type of pump is a great,
               clamps and fittings that connect to them. Right-     moderately priced choice, but the impeller is a
               sizing incorporates a quality pump with appropri-    normal wear part, and depending on what type of
               ate matching parts that are easily serviceable and   material it’s manufactured from and the amount
               repairable in the least amount of time.”             and type of use it receives, it could last months or
                                                                    only weeks. The loads it’s put through determines
                        Matching Pumps To Product                   the wear and replacement needs. Your best choice
                                                                    would be a rotary load pump, but they are incred-
                 Paul Hail, CEO of Affordable Distillery Equipment,   ibly expensive so generally not an option for every
               knows what reliability means in the brewing and      smaller or startup distillery.”
               distilling industry, so only offers quality equipment
               made to last a lifetime. Although based in the rural     Hail, like Battersby, mentions the importance of
               hills of the Missouri Ozarks, Affordable Distillery’s   safety when using a pump in the distillery. “You
               pumps are used in nearly 20% of craft spirit dis-    must remember, though, when moving high proof
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