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Craft Beverage

                  AmpCo’s CB+
                  AmpCo Pump Company

               alcohol, you’ll need a grounding terminal on the           Improving On Current Equipment
               pump to make it explosion-proof,” said Hail. “It’s
               not a likely scenario, but there is a minute chance     Based on their successful history with marine and
               that the rushing of a product while being pumped     industrial applications, AmpCo Pump Company in
               will manufacture enough static to potentially        Glendale, Wisconsin, began manufacturing pumps
               release a tiny spark. Couple that with high proof    specifically for the brewing, distilling and wine
               alcohol and we all know where that leads.”           industries (

                 As Hail continues to run an industry-leading pump     One chronic issue with pumps has been a ten-
               manufacturer, he told Beverage Master Magazine       dency for the seals to leak eventually. Tony Krebs,
               that it’s hard to come up with new ideas when        Marketing Manager for AmpCo Pumps, said they
               pump technology has barely changed in genera-        have successfully addressed that issue in one of
               tions.                                               their most popular pumps, the CB+ Craft Brew
                                                                    Pump, specially designed for hot wort transfer.
                 “You’ll hear about new things being tried around
               the industry, but when properly researched, those      “Over time, the material being moved through
               bright new ideas were usually already attempted      the pump typically crystalizes, and that buildup
               by those before us. The reason that they’re not      will eventually cause traditional seals to leak,” said
               being done today is that they just didn’t work or    Krebs. “AmpCo’s CB+ Craft Brew Pump possesses
               weren’t economically feasible. Any new technol-      an internal, submersed seal to promote cooling.
               ogy or methods would likely be groundbreaking if     Because it’s internally seated, any pressure increase
               valid, and that’s what we are working on here at     caused by heat or flow creates an increased closing
               Affordable Distilling. Hopefully more about that in   force on the seals to minimize any potential build-
               the future,” said Hail.                              up. Additionally, the pump has an internal spring
                                                                    that acts as an agitator to reduce the solids buildup,

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