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Craft Beverage

               thereby reducing crystallization on the seals. It’s an
               excellent choice for all sizes of breweries, but it’s
               an especially great match for the smaller brewpubs
               because on a cart, mobile and multi-functional.
               It can be used as a transfer pump in many areas
               around the facility, but it performs equally well as
               a clean-in-place pump. It’s not the cheapest pump
               you’re going to find, but when choosing a pump,
               it’s extremely important to be able to find certified,
               readily available parts and quality people to install
               those parts and repair your equipment. Downtime
               costs money, and when pumps are down, so is
               your brewing or distilling process.”

                                           AmpCo’s L Series

                 AmpCo also makes pumps for the wine industry,
               offering their L series centrifugal pumps with the
               same exceptional quality, efficiency and durability
               as their counterparts designed for the craft brew-
               eries and distilleries.

                 Krebs told Beverage Master Magazine that
               AmpCo is always at the forefront of pump technol-
               ogy, and regularly on the leading edge of trends
               in the craft brewing, spirits and wine industries.
               Krebs has recently noticed the need and increased
               demand for their portable hop induction units. This
               machine simultaneously induces dry hop pellets
               directly into the beer stream while recirculating
               the fermenter. It features AmpCo’s SBI Shear Pump
               and provides the brewmaster everything necessary
               to dry hop beer efficiently and safely within a sin-
               gle unit.

                 “You can’t ignore the creative side of distillers,
               winemakers and brewmasters. They like to con-
               tinuously mix flavor and ingredient profiles and
               provide experimental flavor combinations for sig-
               nature blends, special tastings or customer trials,”
               says Krebs. “Blending pumps provide a better and
               more efficient way to get this done.”

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