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Craft Beverage

               Safety and Compliance:

               More Than Just a Checklist

               By: Tracey L. Kelley

                 I    n the past 10 years, workplace injuries and   Marshfield, Wisconsin—a single-source food, dairy
                                                                    and beverage processing plant supplier. Heiman
                      illnesses declined in the craft beverage
                      manufacturing industry. This is good news,
                      as it’s a thriving employment sector. The     explained the vital importance of this approach.
               U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in       “The Food Safety Modernization Act created a
               2016—the most recent data collected—breweries,       significant culture shift. The essential question that
               distilleries and other artisanal beverage produc-    the FSMA pushes us and our customer base to
               ers employed approximately 75,000 people. In         ask is, ‘How can I most effectively and proactively
               Canada, according to information from the System     create a safe, quality product?’” she told Beverage
               of National Accounts in 2018, the craft industry had  Master Magazine. “When you think proactively
               more than 15,000 workers.                            about your product, it pushes you to think proac-
                                                                    tively about your facility and the staff that produces
                 Some experts say a reduction in workplace inci-    that product. From floor drains to dust collection in
               dents is the direct result of an attitudinal shift   your rafters, every facet of your facility and those
               from reaction to prevention. Ashley Heiman is the    operating that facility can make or break a brewery
               MRO department manager for Nelson-Jameson in         or distillery.”

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