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Craft Beverage

               issues for both OSHA and FDA,” Morgan said.          into pragmatic zones.”
               “Trying to retrofit safety considerations into an
               existing design can be costlier than providing for it     Josh Pringle is the vice president of CO2Meter in
               upfront. Implementing an FDA-compliant quality       Ormond Beach, Florida. His company specializes
               system initially can also prevent or handle issues in   in the design and manufacturing of gas detection
               producing a product that’s fit for consumption.”     and monitoring devices—mainly CO2—as well as
               Morgan advised that instead of evaluating consul-    consultancy and training. He advises producers
               tants by price, first outline facility specifications.   not to rely on state or local inspectors to tell them
                                                                    to improve ventilation or install monitors: do it
                 “Then, I would suggest that as part of due dili-   because it’s what’s best for your employees.
               gence, talk to several consulting firms and ask the
               same questions of each one to ensure an apples¬-       “Producers should consider the following when
               to-apples comparison, rather than just looking sole-  preparing to train or educate staff: what’s in the
               ly at pricing. A producer should include expenses    best interest of our employees, what does our
               for these services in the annual budget.”            insurance provider require us to do, what will
                                                                    OSHA/NIOSH expect as part of a training package,
                 Another top-to-bottom safety solution, Heiman      and how should we plan to test and retrain staff,”
               said, is color-coding. “We’ve seen a great inter-    he told Beverage Master Magazine. “We have a
               est in it. It’s proven to be an excellent proactive   brewing partner who made the following state-
               approach. Not only can color-coding help prevent     ment: ‘Why would I pay a few hundred dollars for a
               cross-contamination in terms of allergens or yeast   safety monitor and then not train my staff on what
               strains, but it also helps to organize and streamline   to do if it goes off? Pointless!’”
               workflow, designates critical control areas of a facil-
               ity and assists many of our customers in isolating     Pringle noted that many professional associations
               possible pathogen risks,” she said. “With the wide   offer free training regarding CO2 safety, proper
               variety of products we offer, facilities can build a   lockout/tagout procedures, and dozens of other
               color-coded program to break up their operations     critical topics.
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