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Craft Beverage

                 These organizations include, but are not limited

               •  American Distilling Institute

               •  Brewers’ Association

               •  International Beverage Dispensing Equipment

               •  Master Brewers Association of the Americas

               •  WorkSafeBC

                 OSHA and NIOSH also have online training, work-
               books, visual aids and other resources for new
               employee and refresher training.

                 He cautioned against complacency in your facility.
               “When employees work in and around hazardous
               situations, materials, ingredients and situations,
               no duty should be considered mundane or a ‘to
               do.’ Safety is an every moment, everyday project,”
               Pringle said. “The statistic always sited from the
               National Transportation Safety Board is the major-
               ity of car accidents occurred within five miles of
               someone’s home. The data demonstrated that driv-
               ers started to let their guard down in more famil-
               iar surroundings. Employee safety has no mileage
               areas. Any training that allows for complacency is

                 Morgan agreed. He offered these three tips:

               1.  Always be vigilant to compliance issues.
                  Oversight is demanding.

               2.  Delegate responsibilities to duly-trained and
                  competent individuals.

               3.  Training is an ongoing activity, not a one-time
                      More Than a List on a Clipboard

                 Workers in the craft beverage industry are prone
               to the following injuries and illnesses:

               •  Overexertion, including medical conditions
                  caused by repetitive motion or lifting heavy
                  items such as barrels, kegs and crates.

               •  Slips, trips and falls because of slick floors, lad-
                  ders, obstacles and carrying heavy loads up and

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