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Craft Beverage

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               By: Gerald Dlubala
                 F      or breweries and distilleries, the beer and   for Carlsen & Associates. “There is usually a bit of

                        spirits that flow within drive business, but
                                                                    a conflict between what the business accountant
                        the pumps used to move that product can
               easily be considered the heart of production. If a   says is affordable and what the winemaker, dis-
                                                                    tiller or brewmaster really wants and needs. The
               pump fails, product flow stops and downtime eats     accountant almost always wins, but there is an
               away at production and delivery schedules. Having    inherent danger in selecting a pump on the basis
               a quality pump lessens the chances of failure, so    of cost alone. Cheaper pumps may look fine on the
               reliability and quality are key.                     outside, but they’re usually outfitted with cheaply
                                                                    made, low-quality blades and impellers, leading to
                 Taking the time and effort to research the best    a lot of internal shear that damages the product as
               pumps for the money and making a quality invest-     it passes through the pump.”
               ment will make all the difference. “With the risk
               of sounding glib, you really do get what you pay       Carlsen & Associates started as a portable pump
               for,” said Ross Battersby, Sales & Design contact    manufacturer for the wine industry, but now man-

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