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Legal & Marketing

               learns about the costs that go into making the beer   ness. Empower employees to make decisions and
               so that she can find ways to be more efficient. The   encourage them to do so. Trust employees with
               salesperson learns about product margins so that he  sensitive information and reward them when brew-
               understands the importance of proper pricing. The    ery financial success is achieved.
               taproom server learns about the average order per
               customer to find ways to increase customer sales.      In these uncertain times, open book management
                 Learning about the financial aspects of the busi-  provides a way to manage your business more
               ness that are within the employee’s area of control   effectively and to reward your employees for a job
               moves the brewery towards the goal of improving      well done.
               overall financial results. And towards the reward of
               having employee businesspeople share in the suc-       I’d like to offer your readers a $50 discount off of
               cess.                                                the Craft Brewery Financial Training annual sub-
                                                                    scription. Visit http://www.craftbreweryfinance.
                         Wrap Up and Action Items                   com - Use the discount code beveragemaster at
                                                                    checkout to claim savings.
                 Open book management is a system where finan-
               cial information is shared with employees so that
               they can make better decisions. Better decisions
               lead to better financial outcomes, and better finan-
               cial outcomes lead to a stronger brewery business
               for everyone.

                 OBM requires that you train, empower, trust and
               reward employees. Train employees in financial
               literacy so they understand the finances of the busi-

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