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               your brewing schedule and worse for your income

                 If you take nothing else away from this article,
               please remember this: count your inventory regu-
               larly, match it up to the records in your inventory
               system, and analyze any variances. I’ve been burned
               so many times on this issue, it would be a personal
               favor if you would do this. I thank you, and your
               income statement thanks you.

                 In previous articles, I’ve written about the basics of
               a good count process. Your inventory has feet and
               can disappear. Few things will hurt your products
               cost more than poor inventory count practices. Use
               this template to get ideas for your count process.

                          Wrap Up & Action Items

                 Profitability depends on understanding your prod-
               uct costs. Understand your costs so that you can
               gain control over them. If you can control your
               costs, you can control your profit, and perhaps your

               Review the ABCs of product costing and try out the
               ideas in your brewery:

               •  Know your costs
               •  Learn the Building Blocks: Direct Material, Direct
                  Labor, Overhead
               •  Implement a Simple Product Costing system

                 You’ve got great beer, now it’s time to work on
               great profits. After all, if you aren’t profitable, you
               won’t be making beer much longer. The world
               needs your beer, and you need to be profitable.
               Learn the ABC’s so we can all enjoy your beer for
               years to come.

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