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               Choosing Effective Incentive Rewards

               for the Craft Beer Distribution Channel

               By: Nichole Gunn, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services,
               Incentive Solutions
                F      rom improving market penetration to            When choosing rewards that appeal to their tar-

                       increasing sales volume for a specific
                                                                    get audience, it’s important for craft beer produc-
                       product, craft beer producers rely on their
                       indirect salesforce to accomplish their stra-  ers to focus on the following factors:
               tegic goals. Incentive rewards can help craft beer   •  Value Proposition: Will these rewards provide
               producers create win-win scenarios for their indi-       sufficient value to your indirect sales reps to
               rect salesforce and influence their selling behaviors    justify their efforts and maintain their interest?
               in ways that benefit the brand. However, not all     •  Personalization: Will these rewards feel mean-
               rewards are created equal. The effectiveness of an       ingful to participants on a personal level, creat-
               incentive reward program depends on choosing             ing an emotional impact?
               rewards that capture the attention of wholesale      •  Scalability: Will your reward selection give you
               and distributor sales reps and provide sufficient        the ability to tailor your value proposition to
               motivation for them to go the extra mile.                different segments of your audience, from eas-

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