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Craft Brewery

               •  It doesn’t cover basic business expenses.         will always pick up the phone and offer unparalleled
                  Businesses typically can’t use crypto to cover    financial counsel in a remarkably human—even
                  operating expenses, such as rent and payroll, so  friendly—way.
                  they’d need to convert payments to cover these
                  monthly costs.                                                  About Loan Mantra

                 Some breweries have adopted cryptocurrency and    Loan Mantra is a financial services company
               are proud to be early adopters of this technology.    designed to serve small and medium businesses
               Others are sticking to the tried-and-true cash and   with offices in New Jersey, Charleston, SC and New
               credit payment options. There are pros and cons      York. At Loan Mantra your success is our success.
               to crypto, so give it some thought before deciding   This means that our attention, purpose, and inten-
               whether to accept this form of payment. Also, con-   tion are all focused on you, our client.  We are your
               sider your personality and whether you’re willing to  ally to overcome obstacles, bringing peace through
               learn about crypto – and accept that it’s volatile –   uncertain times to achieve your highest goals and
               before finalizing your decision.                     aspirations. Your friendly, responsive agent will lis-
                                                                    ten respectfully, and service your account actively
                              About the Author                      through one of three locations in the US.  We speak
                                                                    your language whether it’s English, Spanish, Hindi,
                                  Neeraj (Raj) Tulshan is the       Bengal, Hospitality, Laundry or Manicure.
                                  founder and managing mem-
                                  ber of Loan Mantra, a financial                Let us help you today!
                                  advisory firm with best-in-class
                                  and proprietary fintech, BLUE                     Connect with us at ...
                                  (“Borrower Lender Underwriting       
                                  Environment”). Loan Mantra,
                                  Powered by BLUE, is next-level
                                  finance: a one-stop-shop for                         or call us at...
                                  business borrowers to secure                   1.855.700.BLUE (2583)
               traditional, SBA or MCA financing from trusted
               lenders in a secure, collaborative, and transparent
               platform. Clients turn to Raj because they know he

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