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               How Craft Breweries Can Use

               Technology to Drive Channel Incentive


               By: Nichole Gunn, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services,
               Incentive Solutions
                I     n order to stay competitive in today’s distri-  programs with rewards rather than considering

                                                                    how that program fits in as part of an effective
                      bution channel, craft beer producers must
                      be able to digitally engage their supply chain  channel management tech stack. However, today’s
                      trading partners and effectively communi-
               cate across channels. However, this can seem like    channel incentive programs are software-driven,
                                                                    offering craft beer producers a platform to pro-
               a tall order! Between the need for integrated tech-  vide connected, omnichannel partner experiences,
               nology, gaps in partner data, and interorganization-  improve communication, and collect important
               al goals that might not always be aligned, craft beer  partner data to inform their sales and marketing
               producers often struggle to utilize technology to    strategies.
               sell through and with their partners.
                                                                                 Creating Engagement
                 When facing these challenges, a channel incentive           Before and After the Reward
               program might not be the first solution that springs
               to mind. After all, most people associate incentive     While offering incentive rewards can be an excit-

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