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Legal & Marketing

               Regulatory Accommodations

               in the Age of COVID-19

               By: Brian D. Kaider, Esq.
                T       he COVID-19 pandemic has affected             This article is not meant to give a complete status

                                                                    of the law in any, much less every, state.  Nor is
                        virtually every industry, from govern-
                        ment-mandated shutdowns, to limitations
                        on occupancy, to changes in consumer        it to point out that one state is doing more than
                                                                    another for the beverage industry.  Each state is
               behavior even in the absence of mandatory restric-   facing its own unique challenges in the face of this
               tions.  Some businesses, such as live theaters, have   pandemic due to differences in infection rates, hos-
               been completely shuttered; Broadway recently         pital capacity, population density, economic condi-
               announced it will be dark until at least January 3,   tions, political climate, culture, and various other
               2021.  But, breweries, wineries, and distilleries have  factors.  So, it is not surprising that their approach
               the advantage of being both retail centers for their   to these challenges differ, as well.  It is also import-
               products and also manufacturers.  This dichotomy     ant to note that as circumstances change, so does
               has allowed many to keep their doors open in some  the government response, so what is described
               capacity throughout this emergency.  Every U.S.      below may have changed by the time this article is
               state has allowed alcoholic beverage manufacturing   published, and may continue to change.
               to continue.  How manufacturers have been able
               to get their products into the hands of consumers,     Rather, this article is meant to illustrate that there
               however, has varied widely from state-to-state.      are many options available to help industry mem-

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