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Craft Brewery

               Innovation Helps Modernize

               Brewing Equipment

               By: Alyssa L. Ochs
                A        t Beverage Master Magazine, we’re          ment in the modern brewery setting, we looked

                         always looking to keep up with craft
                                                                    into what’s being used in breweries lately and what
                         brewing trends, which more often than
                         not relates to pieces of innovative equip-  industry leaders who work in this space are saying.
               ment and new technologies. Certain types of new          Types of Equipment & New Changes
               equipment are slowly but steadily being introduced
               to breweries, as are new technologies, tools, mech-    There are a few essential equipment types that
               anisms and improvements to processes relied upon  breweries use today. Examples include the malt
               in the past.                                         mill, mash tun, filtration system, heat exchanger
                                                                    and brite tank. Breweries also regularly use pumps,
                 These things factor into how efficiently brewer-   valves, kegs, hydrometers and equipment for dis-
               ies can operate during challenging times and how     pensing and packaging.
               memorable their beers are when they reach con-
               sumers. To learn more about the role of new equip-     While experienced brewers are already familiar

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