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Craft Cider


               Putting Cider on the Map in Texas

               By: Nan McCreary
                D        eep in the heart of Texas, far from the    miles “because I heard I have to try your cider.”

                         apple orchards of upstate New York or
                         the Pacific Northwest, a Houston urban
                                                                    Houston can consume,” Macalello told Beverage
                         cidery is introducing locals to one of the     “We aren’t even scratching the surface of what
               joys of that age-old beverage that many consider     Master Magazine.
               the drink of the future: hard cider.
                                                                      Macalello’s cider is increasingly popular due to
                 Houston Cider Company, founded as a brew-          the demand for gluten-free drinks and low-alcohol
               ery in 2015 by two young scientists, geologist       beverages. “Cider is strongly associated with beer
               Steve Macalello and chemist Justin Engle, offered    — they’re packaged similarly, as opposed to wine
               Houstonians their first locally produced cider in    — and people are looking for a beer alternative.
               2017.  Today, the cidery, located in the trendy      And the fact that our cidery is made locally really
               Houston Heights neighborhood, is the only just-ci-   appeals to people.”
               der facility in the city and a hot spot for regulars
               who live in the area, as well as those who travel      Macalello and Engle began their operation as

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