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Craft Brewery

               What’s In a Name?

               The Craft Beer Industry’s Obsession with Styles
               By: Erik Myers

                W         hen Kevin Davey, the brewer at            up now. A Cold IPA is made with lager yeast and
                          Wayfinder Brewing Company in
                                                                    fermented at around 65F – much like a Steam Beer.
                          Portland, OR spoke on record about
                                                                    advantage of yeast’s ability to biotransform hop
                          what his new style of “Cold IPA” meant    It is dry-hopped during active fermentation to take
               from a process and ingredients standpoint, the       oils. One could almost consider it a cross between
               craft beer industry erupted with contention. Soon,   an Italian Pilsner and a Hazy IPA. Almost.
               like Brut IPA before it, it was the buzz of online
               brewer forums. Some brewers were eager to make         Somewhere on the Internet, the debate still rages.
               their own version, some ranted in angry indignation  If it’s made with lager yeast, how can you possi-
               about a new sullying of a classic style, already much  bly call it an IPA? After all A stands for “Ale.” And
               maligned.                                            if you’re fermenting with lager yeast at a warm
                                                                    temperature, doesn’t that stylistically make it a
                 If you’re unfamiliar with the “style”, I’ll catch you   California Common? If you’re hopping during active

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