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Craft Brewery
                Craft Brewery

               Proper Filtration Finds the Sweet

               Spot Between Art and Science

               By: Gerald Dlubala
                W          hen the correct brewing process is               Process Should Fit Application:

                                                                             Aftek Filtration Technologies
                           paired with time and gravity, the result
                           will generally be a great brew. When
                           a brewer speeds up that process,           “Consistency with stability is the name of the
               corners get cut, and compensation has to occur.      game,” said Jim Russell, regional sales manager of
               Proper filtration methods are one way to do this,    Aftek Filtration Technologies, a provider of filtra-
               but the methods depend not only on the type of       tion systems and processes for many industries,
               beer brewed but how and when that beer is con-       including the craft beverage market. “Too many try
               sumed. Brewery filtration is a carefully constructed   to fit a certain process into an established applica-
               combination of art and science that, when done       tion when they should be looking at the application
               correctly, results in a beer with all the intended fla-  first and then finding the right process to fit that
               vor and aromas.                                      application. With the proper filtration process,
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