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Craft Cider

               where people wore all white to lessen the effects    ingredients, whether buying herbs from local farm-
               of the sun.                                          ers or even growing their own. Fry, for example,
                                                                    started a garden in her backyard and may produce
                 Last year, the Houston Cider Company formed a      some herbs in bulk for the cidery.
               partnership with Bee2Bee Honey Collective, where
               the cidery made honey sourced from six different       As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic,
               Houston neighborhood apiaries, each yielding dif-    research indicates that we can expect to see more
               ferent flavors of honey. Customers could vote for    and more innovation from cideries like the Houston
               their favorite honey cider, with the cidery giving the  Cider Company. Cider is one of the fastest-growing
               winner a $500 donation to distribute to organiza-    segments of the liquor industry, and today there
               tions in that neighborhood working on bee-friendly   are over 900 cideries spread across the country.
               projects. “We hope to do this every year,” Engle
               said.  “We really enjoyed partnering with Bee2Bee      As Houston Cider Company says on their website,
               and educating our neighborhoods.”                    “We believe cider is for everyone, and that it is best
                                                                    enjoyed with good friends, great food, and high
                 As Houston Cider Company looks to the future,      spirits.” That pretty much says it all.
               they will continue to create modern American craft
               ciders with a focus on fresh ingredients, but expect     To learn more about Houston Cider Company, or
               some surprises. “Our approach to cidermaking is                   to buy its products, visit...
               traditional, but in terms of flavor, the sky’s the
               limit,” Engle told Beverage Master Magazine. “I like
               to cook at home and have all these flavors in my
               head, so I make ciders that have more flavor com-
               ponents than just apples.”

                 Their game plan also includes using more local

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