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               Brewing Social Media Success:

               How to Use the ‘Gram to Maximize Your Craft

               Beverage Brand  By: Chris Mulvaney, President (CMDS)
                W          hat three things do Tito’s, Blue         platform. In recent years, it has started to domi-

                           Chair Bay Rum and Trillium Brewing
                                                                    nate Facebook in that it is not as overcrowded and
                           Company have in common?  All three
                           have mastered the ‘gram game and         expensive. The beauty of Instagram is that brands
                                                                    can still establish an organic relationship with their
               have boosted their brand success by putting out a    followers and can develop brand personas, becom-
               consistent cross-formula of brand content, brand     ing known for a certain tone, content and style.
               awareness and maximizing audience engagement         They can build their brand immensely just by being
               across the ever-growing social media platform.       an active user. Also, the influencer market has
                                                                    never been so powerful for brand awareness.
                 Whether you are a craft brewer, startup spirit pro-
               ducer or global drinks company, your social media                  Instagram Strategy
               presence should be at the top of your priority list.
               But how exactly can crafters use Instagram to grow     Once you get a grasp of the platform, then you
               their business?                                      must define your social media strategy to gain the
                                                                    right followers and maximize engagement.
                 Instagram is a visually appealing social media
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