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Craft Brewery

                 Brewery owners should also be aware of what        ket for craft beer and how it is evolving, not just
               their competitors are doing and what the market      your little bubble of sales. They need to be aware
               will bear. You have to know when to compete with     of what the current trends are and stay ahead of
               other breweries and when you should let them         them. As new breweries pop up, you’ll want to
               fight amongst themselves while you keep your         ensure that your brand is strong enough to stay
               focus on growing your customer base. Brewery         relevant in your local craft beer scene. Making
               owners who are too aggressive in competing           sure that you are always ahead of the curve will
               against other breweries may alienate customers       help your brewery grow and look forward into the
               and create bad press for their company.              future rather than behind at all of the things you
                                                                    used to do
                           Growth and Expansion
                                                                      Brewery owners and managers can’t just rest on
                 Growth is vital for breweries, but it shouldn’t be   their laurels and expect success to keep coming.
               the only focus. You need to think about how you      They have to engage in the marketplace actively
               can grow your brand and maintain your current        and stay ahead of trends or be one step behind
               customer base while still maintaining product qual-  them. You also need to try new things that you
               ity and consistency and avoiding the depletion of    think will work despite what your competition is
               raw materials as much as possible. Successful brew-  doing. Most importantly: never lose sight of your
               ery owners know that growth is not always good       goals and vision and stay consistent with it. No plan
               and that some microbreweries have been forced to  will be perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you from
               close their doors because they grew too fast.        trying your best to get there.

                 Brewery owners should think about the total mar-

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