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Craft Brewery

               and greater Oregon sales, they partner with Bevv,
               Packmule, Drizzly and Tavour, which allows them to
               have a larger reach both regionally and throughout
               the country.

                              Merchant du Vin:
                          Specialty Beer Importer

                 Seattle based Merchant du Vin noticed that the
               distribution of their specialty beers increased in
               retail stores due to more consumers drinking beers
               at home during the pandemic, causing their overall
               sales to increase.

                 On the other hand, bar and restaurants sales
               decreased when these establishments were closed
               due to Covid-19 restrictions. For example, Orval
                                                     Trappist Ale
                                                     is one of the
                                                     most popu-
                                                     lar imported
                                                     ty beers
                                                     du Vin rep-
                                                     resents in
                                                     the U.S.
                                                     While this
               beer is available in select stores, the bulk of its
               sales come from bars and restaurants that carry a
               small but carefully curated craft beer list.

                 In addition, with the closing of on premise sales,
               there were huge losses of keg sales across the U.S.
               According to Craig Hartinger, Merchant du Vin’s
               marketing manager, “We actually fared better than
               some suppliers, but there were hundreds of kegs
               that we couldn’t sell.”

                 Merchant du Vin also lost their ability for their
               beer representatives to present beers in person
               to potential outlets, as well as opportunities for
               in-person consumer tastings. “It took a while to get
               our online meetings up to speed,” Hartinger said.

                 When regions open up, Merchant du Vin plans
               on continuing their online connections, resuming
               in person visits and reducing their keg options.
               Once events can be held in-person, they plan on
               exhibiting their wares as applicable, such as their
               Samuel Smith ciders, which they featured at Seattle
               Ciderfest pre-Covid.

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