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Craft Brewery

                 During Covid, Half Time had less availability in   enabled their customers to have a better idea of
               terms of seasonal releases such as Pumpkin Beer.     what they were buying, even though they could not
               “We had a lot of challenges in getting seasonal      sample the beers themselves.
               products this year as craft beer manufacturers are
               focused on making and distributing their core prod-    While Tavour does not have any firm dates regard-
               uct releases,” Daniels said.                         ing when in-person events can happen again, they
                                                                    hope to resume them in 2022. Currently, they are
                 Moving forward, Daniels does not foresee any       working to help put on the Barrel and Flow Festival,
               changes to their marketing strategies, adding that   a Pittsburgh-based celebration of black arts and
               Covid changed buying behaviors, specifically with a   artists.
               significant increase in online shopping. “We antici-
               pate this will continue as things open up. The high         Localized Craft Beer Distribution
               availability of online goods and shopping amplified
               everyone’s ability to shop in different ways success-    As the owner and sole proprietor of Packmule
               fully.”                                              Beverage, Brian Balland buys from breweries that
                                                                    self distribute in Washington State and Oregon and
                                    Tavour                          then sells these beers directly to consumers. He
                                                                    delivers the orders to select breweries throughout
                 Tavour, a Seattle-based craft beer distributor, gets  Washington State, where customers can then go
               its beers directly from craft breweries. Once these   pick them up.
               products arrive at their facility in Washington State,
               they market and ship them to their members across    He developed this niche, direct-to-consumer ser-
               the United States.                                   vice for Pacific Northwest craft beer aficionados
                                                                    who want to sample beers from smaller breweries
                                                                    that only have these offerings available at their
                                                                    brewery but are too remote for them to visit on a
                                                                    regular basis.

                                                                      Initially, Balland began this service by working
                                                                    with brewers within his circle. Later he expanded to
                                                                    include requests from customers for specific brew-

                                                                      While he launched Packmule in September
                                                                    2020, Balland conceived of this service pre-Covid.
                                                                    However, he said, “Covid made it easier to try new
                 During Covid, they implemented major safety        things and made consumers a little more malleable
               modifications, including creating social distancing   to trying new ideas rather than doing things the old
               measures and increased sanitation for workers and    way.”
               the beers they distribute.
                                                                      Since launching this service, Balland estimated he
                 Throughout the pandemic, Tavour ended up           has pivoted twenty times, trying to figure out what
               increasing its sales threefold. They attribute this   will work best for the consumer. Moving forward,
               growth to their SEO status increasing significantly,   Balland plans to con-tinue offering Packmule’s
               leading the company to be listed in the top five     services for consumers in the Seattle and Portland
               searches for craft beer delivery.                    area.

                 They also observed that since people could not                  DIY Beer Distribution
               attend breweries or beer festivals in person, they
               were looking for new ways to try craft beer. Tavour     Given that both owners of StormBreaker Brewing
               filled this need with accurate tasting notes for all   in Portland, Oregon, have experience working for
               their offerings, capitalizing on their bevy of prod-  a distributor or a logistics company, they chose
               uct samples and quality taste testers. These notes   to apply these skills in assessing how to distribute

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