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Craft Brewery

               their award-winning craft beer during the global     storm, the brewpubs around town that remained
               pandemic. After researching the cost benefits of     open were running out of beer. No one else was
               various distribution models, they concluded that a   delivering.
               self-distribution model worked best for them. So,
               they launched their self delivery ser-vice on March     “We received a ton of calls, hopped in our vehi-
               17, 2020, right after Oregon issued a stay-at-home   cles, and made many new and lasting customers. I
               order, forcing bars and restaurants to close state-  mean, we’re called StormBreaker!”
                                                                      While StormBreaker’s beers can be found in retail
                 StormBreaker already had an active website for     and grocery stores such as Whole Foods, New
               customers to order their beer and mer-chandise       Seasons, Market of Choice and most regional bottle
               online, so they did not incur many logistical issues   shops, some retailers won’t work with them. Also,
               when launching their delivery service. They set up   they cannot approach certain parts of the United
               the ordering platform, and within days they were     States without a distributor.
               delivering to customers’ homes and establishments
               that remained open.                                    “There were too many advantages to self distribu-
                                                                    tion for a company of our size to ig-nore,” Malech
                 According to co-founder Dan Malech, “The big-      said.
               gest advantage we have is complete con-trol of our
               product from inception to delivery. We have an         Currently, Stormbreaker has dedicated staff to ful-
               amazing range of flexibility of what we sell, where   fill and deliver their online orders Mondays through
               we sell and when we sell.”                           Saturdays. They offer home delivery to the Greater
                                                                    Portland area, with their sales team doing periodic
                 This DIY model allowed them to deliver beer to     drops to Bend, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
               their customers with very little notice. Malech      Also, they can ship beers via UPS to those states
               cites an example where, during a bad snow and ice    that permit online sales. For all other out-of-state

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