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Craft Brewery

               BREWERY AS A BUSINESS:

               Important Points to Consider

               By: Jess Perkins
                A        s an experienced brewery owner or man-                          Staffing

                         ager, you will agree that starting a brew-
                         ery is easy; running one is not. There are
                         many different things to consider and        Employees of a brewery are so crucial to the
                                                                    success or failure of a brewery. There are several
               plan for when running a brewery, and many of         points to consider when hiring employees for your
               those things only become immediately apparent        brewery. You will want people who are motivated,
               once you are running a brewery. This article will    responsible, professional, and of course, good at
               discuss the major issues that any brewery needs to   their job.
               consider. They are not all equally important; some
               may even be seen as trivial, but each case has been    It’s important to remember that if you have a
               a stumbling block for at least one brewery in the    small number of employees, you must compromise
               past.                                                on at least one of these positions because there

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