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Craft Brewery

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               The Beginnings of a Successful Brewing Operation

               By: Gerald Dlubala
                A        n engineer, architect and brewmaster       be one of the initial items discussed when laying

                         walk into a brew space. No, this isn’t the
                                                                    out a brewery,” said Adam Dubose, Operations
                         beginning of a joke, but rather the start
                                                                    dling and storage planning include considering
                         of a multi-point approach in laying out a   Manager at ABM Equipment. “Proper grain han-
               successful and reliable grain handling and storage   the entire brewhouse and production plans while
               system.                                              remaining aware of available space. When all of
                                                                    these things get included early in the planning pro-
                 ABM Equipment works with brewery owners            cess, it becomes easier to determine the needed
               and brewmasters to develop their projects from       specifications regarding storage options, handling
               concept to completion. They use collaborative        capabilities and system speeds versus available
               teamwork and deliver cohesive systems integrated     space. Then you factor in expected growth and go
               to work together as a complete unit rather than a    from there.”
               group of individual machines pieced together.
                                                                    “We always like to see a brewer mill their grain if
                 “When you understand the effects that your grain   possible,” said Dubose. “Pre-milled grain is crazy
               handling and storage system has on your entire       expensive, so even a small mill with a flex auger
               brewing process, you realize how important it is to   is better than using a pre-milled product. You can

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