About Us

Beverage Master: Craft Spirits & Brew Magazine is the newest magazine from Bricker Publishing, who also publishes The Grapevine Magazine, the largest read and circulated viniculture publication in North America. With over 600 wineries interested in – or already expanding – their businesses to include additional Craft beverages, Beverage Master Magazine is the perfect partner publication. Both magazines now encompass the entire Craft Beverage market!

Our mission is to bring together Buyers, Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers, and Sellers with diversified incomes together. We connect all geographical markets in order to strengthen and advance the Craft Beverage industry throughout Northern America and around the world.

Beverage Master is a FREE Print and Digital magazine with it’s primary audience being Breweries, Distilleries, Hard Cider and Mead producers in the United States and Internationally. This industry has experienced enormous growth in just the past three years and is expected to grow another 20% in the Brew and Spirits markets by the end of 2019!

Beverage Master Magazine is mailed to 10,000+ established and up-and-coming US Craft Beverage producers, researchers, suppliers and industry leaders. Plus, our Digital Issue right now goes to 6,000+ requested email boxes!

The Beverage Master Magazine’s staff provides a combined (70+) years of Publishing and Advertising experience.  Our Design Department provides first-rate agency quality material with over 50+ years of Graphic Design and Marketing experience.

We provide all customers, readers and advertisers the absolute best in Customer Service.  From superior Graphic Design service to placing your advertisement next to relevant articles complimenting your product or service, we are dedicated to producing a high-quality magazine that will connect you to the largest market exposure in the Craft Beverage industry.

Talk to one of our experience sales members at (877) 892-5332 Toll Free or email us at:  editor@brickerpublishing.com.